2014 bow wow meow ball

Photos by Jonathon Ziegler/Patrick McMullan.com

ARF Past Presidents/Honorees:Polly Bruckmann, Billy Rayner, Doug Cassidy, Steve Kroft (Emcee), Lisa McCarthy (ARF President), Jill Caras, Sony Schotland (Honoree and ARF Founder), Raymond Cortell, Dorothy Wahl (ARF Founder)

The Decor Committee: David Monn and Alex Papachristidis


Patricia Franzino, Leslie Stevens and
Lisa McCarthy
      Marina Maher and Alina Cho

ARF Volunteer Jamie Forrester with puppy, Mulberry and ARF Rescue Partner Patsy
Topping with puppy, Chestnut.

Paul Morgan, Bunny Laughlin, Sarah Coleman with puppy, Bruce.


Darlene Salatto Rose and               Auctioneer, Benjamin Doller ARF Executive Director, Sara Davison with Beck and Kitty Gilbert


Ethan Ruttenberg with puppy, Nills and
Perri Peltz.                                                  
Steve Kroft was the Emcee for the evening.


Steve and Daryl Roth                       Sole Riley and Sarah Stewart

Sarah Azzar, Kate Mueth, Liz Joyce and friend.

ARF staff with a parade of pets available for adoption.

Guest are seated for dinner.

The ARF grounds were transformed for the magical evening by David Monn and Alex